After School Program


Students from schools in the surrounding area may sign up for one of our After School Programs. Located in P.S. 1, P.S. 124, and our own private tutoring center at 80 Bowery, 5th Floor Room 501, many students come to us for after school homework aid, extra studying and practice, and a safe and relaxing environment to be productive.

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Saturday Advancement Program


On Saturdays, we have the Saturday Advancement Program, where children from Pre-Kindergarten to high school can experience a more personalized approach. The curriculum is tailored to encourage the child’s strengths and address their weaknesses and is particularly helpful for children in Grades 3 to 5 in preparing for the Common Core Exams. Teachers that graduated from NYU, PolyTechnic, Hunter College, Touro College, and Harvard University will help students from Junior High and High School prepare for their regents (Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, etc) as well as the SHSAT and SAT exams. Starting this October, there will be an hour of Robotics (Grades 1 – 8) where students learn basic engineering concepts from the hands-on approach of LEGO Technic.


Computer Science Course

This course will be available to all students from the 3rd grade and up. The purpose of this course to to teach our students a new set of skills. Computer Science is a field that will always be required. In the coming years, the increase in demand for people with this skill set will become a necessity rather than a demand. We are not expecting the students to all become computer programmers in the future, but learning this skill set is just as important as having the students learn English and Math in school. It’s not just about learning how to read and write codes, it’s about teaching them how to think logically, be creative and learn how a computer actually works. Technology is a big part of everyday life so it is only beneficial for our students to get started early.

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